Are the Speakeasy Rumors True? Rose Villa Spills the After-Dinner Tea

Are the Speakeasy Rumors True? Rose Villa Spills the After-Dinner Tea

Speakeasies did not vanish after the Prohibition era. While alcohol is now legal, the atmosphere of exclusivity and poetic justice continues at Rose Villa. 

Whiskey at the Rose is our private Southern speakeasy, hidden away upstairs from Rose Villa and featuring high-end dark liquor. When you visit, you’ll be transported back to the olden days in all the best ways. 

Private Club for Bourbon Lovers

If you’re a bourbon enthusiast, you belong at Whiskey at the Rose. Our certified bourbon steward, Vince, is there to answer any questions you may have about our high-end liquor selection. He’s always happy to discuss his passion with fellow amber liquid lovers. 

Full of History

Rose Villa pays homage to historical figures who made their mark on Ormond Beach, and Whiskey at the Rose is a historical tribute in itself, mimicking the secret speakeasies that opened during Prohibition. Instead of fighting against legal repercussions, however, you can simply enjoy a glass of top-shelf dark liquor. 

The Best Bourbons

We carry many sought-after dark liquor brands to match your tastes. They’re top-shelf, and some are rarely seen on the market. 

The list of these choice brands includes:

  • Michters
  • Garrison Brothers Cowboy
  • Whistle Pig Boss Hog
  • Willett
  • Kentucky Owl
  • Redbreast 27-Year-Old Irish
  • Hibiki Japanese Whisky
  • Henry McKenna 10

We have the best selection of amber spirits in the city. If the best bourbon and whiskey sips are what you’re after, Whiskey at the Rose is the speakeasy for you. 

Premium Mixology

Our expert mixologist curates the perfect dark liquor drinks with the few ingredients that complement these flavors. From cherries to bitters, we have every drink ingredient your tastebuds crave. 

Our drinks come out perfectly every time so you can sit back and enjoy your exclusive experience at Whiskey at the Rose. 

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