12 Events to Host at the Rose Villa

12 Events to Host at the Rose Villa

Any special event that requires planning deserves to be held at a beautiful location with an inviting ambiance, tended to by staff dedicated to making your event a success. 

When you're considering various event locations, you’ll want to ensure plenty of space for your guests to be comfortable. The local food and drink need to reflect the special flair the area offers, too. Choosing Rose Villa, one of the top restaurants in Ormond Beach, means you’ll be in excellent hands.

Events to Host at Rose Villa

Whether your event is fun and laid back or an elegant black-tie affair, Rose Villa is the perfect place. Each dining area has a distinct feel, design, and theme, from the luxurious Roosevelt Room to the cozy front porch.

Some of the events to host at Rose Villa include:

  1. Sunday brunch
  2. Holiday parties
  3. Bachelor and bachelorette parties
  4. Wedding receptions
  5. Birthday parties
  6. Bridal showers
  7. Retirement parties
  8. Family reunion gatherings
  9. Anniversary celebrations
  10. Whiskey and bourbon tastings
  11. Baby showers
  12. Engagement parties

There is no limit to the types of events that can be hosted at Rose Villa. Our unique atmosphere, stunningly pleasurable outdoor dining, and remarkable southern cooking with fresh local food make Rose Villa the perfect event venue for your next gathering.

A Historic Gathering Place

Originally, Rose Villa served as an exclusive boutique hotel/bed and breakfast, and the historical impression of being a “playground of the rich and famous” is still very much alive today. 

Portraits of some of the prominent guests of Rose Villa are scattered throughout the grounds, along with grand historic treasures, great and small. It all presents an event location that is ideal for everything from casual business gatherings to the grandest of weddings.

Local Food by a Local Chef

Chef Sylvia offers local foods and unique items she has created and designed around bourbon and whiskey, so it’s no wonder that guests flock to have their events hosted here. 

If you’re interested in discovering what all the hype is about before planning your event at Rose Villa, Chef Sylvia holds food and spirit tasting events!

Host Your Event at One of the Top Restaurants in Ormond Beach

Rose Villa is one of the most requested event venues in the area, and it’s been the site of hundreds of gatherings of all kinds since it first opened in the late 1800s. One of the reasons it’s such a popular gathering location is the one-of-a-kind experience it offers guests. No matter what event you’re planning, Rose Villa is the place!

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