The Best Cocktails to Pair with Your Meal at Rose Villa

The Best Cocktails to Pair with Your Meal at Rose Villa

When you’re out for a night of fine Southern dining at Rose Villa, the only thing you might be looking forward to more than the delectable food is the extensive menu of hand-crafted cocktails. 

A refreshing cocktail can truly tie together the experience as you enjoy a meal in one of our themed dining rooms or even explore our speakeasy for some post-dinner dessert and revelry.

Pairing Southern Fine Dining with Rose Villa’s Craft Cocktails

Ready to get boozy during your next trip to Rose Villa? We’re here to simplify your decision by organizing the restaurant’s incredible

craft cocktails into categories based on what you’re in the mood for and which will fit that mood the best. Enjoy!

For Something Fresh: Victorian Cucumber Spritzer or the Lucid Sazerac

On a hot summer day, sometimes all you want is a cocktail that’s as refreshing as it is delicious. Flavors like lemon, cucumber, and mint tend to inspire that refreshing feeling, and both the Victorian Cucumber Spritzer and the Lucid Sazerac prominently feature these flavors.

For Something Unique: Candied Bacon Old Fashioned

If you’re interested in getting adventurous with your cocktail choice during your next trip to Rose Villa, don’t hesitate to order the Candied Bacon Old Fashioned, a unique twist on an old classic with candied bacon and maple syrup in addition to the classic Old-Fashioned ingredients.

For Something Classic: Villa Mule

You can’t go wrong with something as tried and true as a Moscow Mule, and the Villa Mule features everything you love about this cocktail with fresh mint, candied ginger, and tangy lime juice.

For Something Southern: Rose Tea

Think sweet tea but make it boozy. If you want to feel like a Southern belle as you sip your cocktail, Rose Villa’s Rose Tea is the perfect choice for you with a sweet tea base, peach pecan whiskey, and plenty of citrus garnishes.

For Something Tropical: SS Villarita or Villa Bluebird

Sometimes you want your cocktail to take you away to a tropical island, and the SS Villarita and Villa Bluebird can do just that. Each one features pineapple juice as well as a variety of top-shelf liquors and other tropical flavors.

For Something Fruity: Blueberry Lemontini

The Blueberry Lemontini is sure to satisfy you if you have a sweet tooth. This cocktail creates a perfect balance between tangy lemon and sweet blueberry, supported by house-made simple syrup.

Stop on into our upstairs speakeasy, Whiskey at the Rose to experience your hand these fine cocktails, or even grab a drink to pair with your meal. The possibilities at Rose Villa are endless and our servers are always glad to help with recommendations to fit your palate. 



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