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Comfortable, casual and drenched in Southern charm, the Rose Villa combines its polished, easygoing atmosphere with Southern cuisine, classic craft cocktails and an ample selection of wines. Step into history with this Victorian jewel and immerse yourself in the 1920's details as you enjoy our mouthwatering selection of home-cooked fares, like our signature southern fried chicken or shrimp and grits. From brunch to supper, downstairs dining to the Upstairs whiskey bar, Rose Villa offers a variety of dining opportunities in a beautifully restored piece of Ormond Beach history. 

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The Rose Villa's Historic Spirit: Preserving Heritage in a Modern World
Looking for the perfect spot to enjoy some classic Southern dining in an exciting local setting? You’re in luck! Say hello to The Rose Villa Southern Table & Bar. Our dining establishment, located in the dining district of West Granada in beautiful Ormond Beach, Florida, is an enchanting spot where the magic and romance of the past blends with the lively flavors of today. The moment you step inside, we’re excited to whisk you off to a time when Southern charm and Victorian elegance were the talk of the town. We aim to make every small detail weave a captivating tale during your visit. When it comes to dining, you’ll enjoy a tasty masterpiece from our kitchen in every bite. We're always so excited about keeping our history alive while inviting you inside – and we love sharing this unique journey with our guests as they indulge in the very best of Southern cuisine! Read on for some highlights of the Rose Villa experience as you plan your visit to enjoy Ormond Beach fine dining:
Comfy Southern Food: Dishes That Bring Back Memories & Warm the Soul
When it comes to Southern comfort food, few things can compare to the dishes that bring back memories and warm the soul. From the crispy crunch of fried green tomatoes to the savory flavors of jambalaya, there is something about Southern cuisine that just feels like a hug on a plate. Here are some classic Southern dishes that are sure to evoke memories and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
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