A Closer Look At The Gingerbread Fantasy

A Closer Look At The Gingerbread Fantasy

From November 19, 2021 through January 9, 2022, Rose Villa Southern Table and Bar will transform into Gingerbread Fantasy, a brilliant and unique light display. Visitors can stop to take a family photo or a fun selfie outside of or in this historic setting in Ormond Beach, Florida. Read on for a closer look at this memorable experience!

Capture the spirit of the season! Experience a one-of-a-kind decorative display that will surely light up Ormond Beach as a festive beacon on iconic Granada Boulevard. Journey outside through a wonderland of candy, characters and fun. Then, venture inside to explore the rich history and nostalgia of The Rose Villa complete with an unforgettable dining experience. Don't miss out on this limited-time holiday event!

An Immersive Experience

Gingerbread Fantasy is more than just a holiday light display. The grounds and restaurant will be decorated with larger-than-life Gingerbread men, towering lollipops, unique topiary snowmen (and snowwomen), the “dogs of Rose Villa,” stain glass windows reflecting gingerbread men, gold bells, candy canes and candied fruit, and of course, hundreds of colorful lights, reaching from the ground to the top of the two and a half story rooftop. The sparkling holiday display will also feature a nod to the area’s rich racing history with a replica of Sir Malcolm Campbell’s land speed record-breaking Blue Bird. Today the original Blue Bird is in the Motorsports Hall of Fame at Daytona International Speedway.

The Fairy-Filled Absinthe Bar

Rose Villa Southern Table and Bar is one of the only restaurants in North Central Florida to have an Absinthe bar. While some bars offer cocktails with absinthe, Rose Villa serves several different flavors of Absinthe in its upstairs speakeasy-style bar. Absinthe will be a main ingredient in the Gingerbread Fantasy signature cocktail. During Gingerbread Fantasy bartenders will dress as fairies, harkening back to the fable of the absinthe fairies.

Home Sweet Gingerbread House

During Gingerbread Fantasy, you have a hands-on experience building your own gingerbread house. This confection-based activity is available by reservation only. Materials for your gingerbread house include gingerbread pre-made in the shape of walls and the roof, royal icing in multiple colors, and candies including gumdrops, candy canes, sprinkles, and more. Reservations are only available by phone. To make a reservation, please call 386-615-7673.

The Lights, The Lollipops & The Like

What’s a celebration without candy? A fun feature of Gingerbread Fantasy will be the towering lollipops. Each 3-dimensional lollipop will be colorful and clearly wrapped. Want to know a secret? The “lollipops” are actually colorful foam pool noodles, coiled into the fun round shape of a lollipop.

Candied fruits will shine in artful stained-glass windows. Many colored lights will stretch from the ground to the roofline. The lights will be strung along the fence line, up the stairway, along the porch railings, and will swing from every wall and the dormer-style rooftop. A Gingerbread Man and Woman topiary will be front and center standing tall. 

The Pets of Rose Villa

Rose Villa is pet-friendly. So, when it came time to select the features of the holiday décor, the owners included some of the staff’s pups. Restaurant Co-owner Pat Sullivan’s Husky will stand 3.5 feet by 3.5 feet, alongside an owner's Standard Poodle standing 2.8 feet by 2.8 feet and an owner's Bulldog, standing at 1.7 feet by 2.25 feet.


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